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Rotary Club of Bucyrus, Ohio
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Club Meetings: Every Tuesday, 11:45 AM, at Bucyrus Elks Lodge


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Organized and chartered on Aug. 1, 1920, Bucyrus Rotary Club commenced with 33 Charter Members.

The club was chartered as No. 760. Its first president, L.A. Dozer, died on Feb. 14, 1921. The treasurer, W.A. Blicke, filled out the balance of the first year as president.

The Bucyrus Rotary Club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Columbus, Ohio. An article carried by the Bucyrus Evening Telegraph, dated July 13, 1920, states that the Bucyrus Rotary Club was officially instituted by W.J. Longbon, of the Columbus Club, who was designated as the Special Governor in charge of organizing the Bucyrus Club. The article states that 65 enthusiastic Columbus Rotarians came to bucyrus on a special electric car over the C.D. & M. Electric Traction Line for the evening. It appears that a number of Mansfield Rotarians also came for the occasion. The meeting was held as the Bucyrus Elks Club, with dinner at 7 PM.

Although the Bucyrus Club was instituted on July 13, 1920, the official charter was not presented until Aug. 1, 1920, at which time the Charter was presented by Mr. Frank Medick of the Columbus Rotary Club.

Past Presidents

Deceased indicate deceased.

2021-22: Kevin Myers
2020-21: Ronda Scott
2019-20: Terry Gernert
2018-19: Jeff Urban / Sharon Hahn
2017-18: Doug Wilson
2016-17: Trish Ratliff
2015-16: Tami Tima
2014-15: Marylyn Strang
2013-14: Sean Ritzhaupt
2012-13: Virginia Hammontree
2011-12: Christina Fox
2010-11: Phil Harris
2009-10: Andy Schoch
2008-09: Sharon Hahn
2007-08: Jeff Urban
2006-07: Dan Price
2005-06: Anne Spreng
2004-05: Tony Lipscomb
2003-04: Donna Laipply
2002-03: Rick Peters
2001-02: Don Stone
2000-01: Wendy Reid
1999-2000: Harley Barstow Deceased
1998-99: Dale Hoyles
1997-98: Maggie Barth
1996-97: Edward Wise
1995-96: Sleiman Dagher
1994-95: Ron Moore
1993-94: Bob Laipply Deceased
1992-93: Tom Moore
1991-92: Scott Hastings
1990-91: James Costamire Deceased
1989-90: Alan Basinger
1988-89: Mentor Larsen Deceased
1987-88: Dr. Lowell Hone
1986-87: Walter Joseph
1985-86: Robert Palenshus
1984-85: Horst Lorenz Deceased
1983-84: Edward Wise
1982-83: Carl Diederich Deceased
1981-82: Rev. E. Parker West Deceased
1980-81: Donald Binau
1979-80: Jim Rindfuss Deceased
1978-79: Robert Morton
1977-78: John Spreng, Sr. Deceased
1976-77: Bruce Brenner Deceased
1975-76: Bob White Deceased
1974-75: Scott Hastings
1973-74: Ramon L. Sheally Deceased
1972-73: Guy Baggett Deceased
1971-72: Robert Sweeney Deceased
1970-71: Otto A. Palenshus Deceased
1969-70: J.F. Sherbundy Deceased
1968-69: Paul E. Downend Deceased
1967-68: Frank A. Bartos Deceased
1966-67: Julliard H. Blicke Deceased
1965-66: Ferenc P. Szasz Deceased
1964-65: Charles W. Ryder Deceased
1963-64: Paul Krauter Deceased
1962-63: John A. Gebhardt Deceased
1961-62: Franklin Armstrong Deceased
1960-61: Willard Clady Deceased
1959-60: E.J. Dager Deceased
1958-59: Frank P. Sitler Deceased
1957-58: Franklin H. Roberts Deceased
1956-57: Dr. L.L. Fisher Deceased
1955-56: L.C. Wertz Deceased
1954-55: Franklin J. Roelle Deceased
1953-54: Rollen L. Koons Deceased
1952-53: Fred C. Ward Deceased
1951-52: Millard E. Schieber Deceased
1950-51: Edward B. Hagaman Deceased
1949-50: Charles L. Wiles, Jr. Deceased
1948-49: M. Stanley Acree Deceased
1947-48: Ernest G. Pfleiderer Deceased
1946-47: Kenneth E. Gallant Deceased
1945-46: H.E. Kiess Deceased
1944-45: L.C. Haaser Deceased
1943-44: C.D. Albright Deceased
1942-43: E.E. Gearhart Deceased
1940-42: Glenn West Deceased
1940: Dr. R.J. Caton Deceased
1939-40: D.C. Baer Deceased
1938-39: R.R. Peters Deceased
1938: C.E. Davis Deceased
1937-38: J.D. Wise Deceased
1936-37: Charles Wilson Deceased
1935-36: Dr. W.G. Carlisle Deceased
1934-35: Clarence E. Hoiles Deceased
1933-34:Edwin S. Lewis Deceased
1932-33: Edward J. Myers Deceased
1931-32: E.R. Schoolfield Deceased
1930-31: E.N. Dietrich Deceased
1929-30: Roy Bowers Deceased
1928-29: H.E. Cook Deceased
1927-28: Frank P. Leonard Deceased
1926-27: L.W. Bailey Deceased
1924-26: James Hopley Deceased
1924: John R. Patterson Deceased
1923-24: Harry G.F. Walther Deceased
1922-23: C.A. Lingenfelter Deceased
1920-22: W.A. Blicke Deceased
1920: L.A. Dozer Deceased
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